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Located on the 6th floor of Radegast Hotel Beijing Bohao, managed by Tianlun International Hotels . The center is divided into two functional areas, one for fitness and the other for physical therapy, with a total business area of 2600m2, about equal to the size of 6 standard basketball courts. The former consists of the gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, sauna room and chess room, all being well-furnished; the latter houses facilities for beauty, hairdressing, healthcare and SPA, which can help you improve blood circulation, achieve the effect of health preservation, enjoy healthcare in tradition and lead a healthy life.

Covering a sport area of 128m2, the gym is equipped with 12 devices of "Life Fitness", an American brand, all having video TV and heart rate meter. They include 3 treadmills, 4 pieces of aerobic equipment including straight-back bicycle, racing bicycle, stepper and translocator, 5 pieces of anoxic equipment including 4 combiners and 1 dumbbell combiners for the 4 limbs, which range from 5 to 145kg in strength and permit any combination.

The indoor sunlit swimming pool is divided into deepwater pool, water fun pool and surfing pool. The whole area is characterized by distinctive geothermal heating to keep the water temperature at 28℃, ozone generator that sterilizes the water and keeps it soft, nighttime color lighting on the bottom. The water depth is 1.4m at the near end and 1.8m at the far end of the deepwater pool, and 0.6m for both the water fun pool and the surfing pool.