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Go on a culinary journey with our 5 renowned restaurants and bars which offer Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan, Shandong, Hunan and Huaiyang flavors, traditional Beijing and Shanxi food and the most distinguished - Zhong hua bao ding that created by our World - famous Chef Li Qigui. Or experience the International favorites like Royal French feast, East Asian food and all-day continental buffet in our selected restaurants. A wider variety of fine dining in CBD area from exquisite Chinese cuisines to Western dishes only at Radegast Hotel Beijing.

Royal Restaurant

To get you an upgrade to a special experience in the most luxurious restaurant in the hotel provides 12 private dining rooms with seating for up to 30 guests and with a capacity of more than 100 seating on total at most. The Royal Restaurant is famous for its Cantonese cuisine especially for the Worldfamous chef - Li Qigui's Zhonghuabaoding.

Location: The 4th Floor

Radegast Food Bazaar

For a brand-new treat join us at Radegast Food Bazaar which is characterized by its open-kitchen design revealing the modern simplicity. From perennially popular BBQ and delicates desserts, to traditional Chinese food like Sichuan, Huaiyang, Shanxi food, you'll find a range of cuisines from fantastic and typical Asian cooking. Nothing else falls away and all that's left is the best taste.

Location: The 3rd Floor

Restaurant da Lonbo

We invite you to join us at Restaurant da Lonbo which boasts an exclusive construction style of Renaissance period of France. The menu of authentic French cuisine offers dishes that are light and refreshing, yet rich in taste and flavor and all featuring with extensive selections of wines. Comfortable environment and intuitive service contribute to making Caprice unforgettable.

Location: The 3rd Floor

Courtyard Restaurant

Savor the continental-buffet, contemporary a la card at our Courtyard Restaurant accompanied by an elegant décor will be a delightful experience. Let our reputed Chef take care of your business events and private meetings as well as a variety of European a nd New World food from all around the world.

Location: The 2nd Floor

Lobby Bar

Relax at our Lobby Bar in front of a bright picture window with a breath-taking view while having fresh tea or coffee. We offer all kinds of wines, ice-creams, beverages and dim sum, just nothing else than the very best.

Location: The 1st Floor

Opening Hours: 08:00~23:00